Feast of Flavour in 5 Minutes

Madinah Meals

Our company was established with the primary intention and goal of providing South Africans with Halaal food options no matter where in this country they may find themselves.
Even though we have the capacity to only service the Western Cape at this moment in time, we endeavour to expand into the other provinces sooner rather than later.

Our meals are lovingly prepared in our kitchen in Cape Town under the strictest possible Halaal conditions, where it is securely sealed in microwavable bags, and then packaged in sealed containers.

Our Meat Products are ideal for the braai enthusiast. These items are rinsed, marinated, vacuum sealed and frozen on our premises. See our Meat Products page to view our range.

Our Products are Certified by the Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust, who allocated us the Halaal Trust Code HT4259.
Please feel free to check with the distributor if our products are stored in a Dedicated Halaal freezer / frozen foods section, as Insisted on by ourselves.

Madinah Meals as well as Madinah Meats are delivered to our distributors as a frozen product, and should be kept frozen until sold, in order to extend its shelf life and lock in its Freshness.
The Best before / Sell By date on our products Ensure that you are always provided with Premium Quality, and Flavours so Deliciously Fresh, it tastes like it was prepared on the day!

Enjoy our Wide Selection of meals varying from Mouth Watering Curries, Cape Malay favourites like 'Denning Vleis', Stir Fries and much more.

Our Meals range from Hot for those who enjoy Extra spice, Kid Friendly for the little ones and those who prefer to steer clear of spicy foods, to Vegetarian. For more details see our Meals Menu Page.

Our Breakfast options are Especially prepared for the Hospitality Industry and our 'Smoortjies' are as local and lekker as it gets!

So the next time you travel the Western Cape for business or leisure, and feel like a home cooked meal or a braai without the fuss, ask for Madinah Meals or Madinah Meats by name, and Enjoy Delicious Halaal food with Confidence!

Heating Instructions

* Remove from packaging
* Suspend satchet/s in boiling water for at least 3 minutes
* Plate the contents
* Heat in a microwave ( on High ) for approximately 2 minutes

Enjoy a Feast of Flavour in Only 5 Minutes!

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